What is Creō?

Creō is North Mississippi’s affordable solution to a Christian school experience. At Creō, we combine rigorous academics with intentional Christian discipleship in a relaxed, nurturing setting.

Why Creō?

Creō is a Latin word meaning to create, bring into being, and cause to grow. It means to invest and to produce fruit. This is what Creō is all about: investing in the lives of our students to grow authentic Christian disciples whose lives will bear much fruit.

We are Creō.

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30514 Hwy 41
Nettleton, MS 38858

  • Emily Burleson | two children at CREō

    I am beyond pleased with all my children have learned in all areas, but particularly in Bible. I have a masters degree in theology and yet it is my children – not I – who can, for example, verbally trace the Israelites’ every step from Ur to Jerusalem without pause! What makes me happiest at the end of every day, however, is that my children LAUGH at school – a lot. Besides being dedicated, compassionate and qualified, the leaders at CREō are just really, really funny and full of joy and wit. Every single day, my children reap the benefits of such abundant joy, and as a parent, I cannot be more thankful. If my children come away from CREō having acquired even a few of the traits of their leaders, choosing CREō will be among our wisest and most fruitful decisions.

  • Dave Dowdy | two children at CREō

    When I visited the school, just walking in the door, I was sold. There was an instantaneous warm feeling. My children are now in their second year at CREō. The curriculum has been challenging but not overbearing. The teachers are fair and approachable. They are honest with parents about student progress. With classroom size being small, the students get close attention and excellent instruction from the teachers. At the end of the school week, all kids help put away the tables and chairs, sweep the area and gather all the week's trash. It seemed strange at first, but after a few weeks, the kids had this routine down to under 10 minutes. I love the combination of academics and responsibility.